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Find a Sublessee

JSM residents are responsible for finding their own sublessees.  If you are looking for a sublessee you can place your information on JSM's online sublease referral list - Sublet Your Apartment Request Form. We also suggest you post a listing on Craigslist, Facebook or Reddit, and/or post flyers throughout campus.  

Subleasing Process

Once a sublessee is found, please have them submit a lease application on our website.  Please also discuss and decide the following items which will be written into the sublease agreement: start date of the sublease, end date of the sublease (cannot exceed the lease end date), sublessee payment amount and security deposit (see below).  If the sublessee is not paying the entire lease amount the original resident must make up the difference. 

Once you’ve agreed on terms and your sublessee has submitted their application, please email us at  The $50 sublease fee must be paid before JSM sends out any sublease forms or agreements.  If there is a balance on your account it will have to be paid first as well.

Sublease Security Deposit

JSM strongly suggests that you require your sublessee to pay you a security deposit.  We will email you a new "Inventory & Condition Report", we recommend that on or near the start date of the sublease, one of the current residents and one of the sublessees inspect the apartment together noting the condition of all items on the report. Both individuals should sign it, date it and keep copies for themselves. If the sublease end date coincides with the end of the original lease, you will wait to receive the information on deductions from the original security deposit paid to JSM.

You are required to return the sublessee's security deposit within thirty days of receiving information on their security deposit from JSM. If the sublease end date is prior to the end of the original lease, you will need to inspect the apartment for damages. 

Subleasing Authorization

If all roommates are not subleasing, the roommates who are not subleasing must sign a "Sublease Authorization" form authorizing you to sublease your room.  JSM will provide this form. 

Sublease Payments

Summer sublessees (those who sublease from May through August only) as well as original residents must pay the entire summer rent amount to JSM before we email the agreement. Payments can be made by check, money order or online with a credit card through Paylease. Regular sublessees can pay their rent in monthly installments on the first of each month in accordance with the original lease agreement by check or money order or online with a credit card through Paylease.

If you have automatic withdrawal for rent please remember to cancel your payments if your sublessee will be paying your rent.  Email JSM for the proper form if you need to cancel automatic rent payments.

Sublease Parking

If a parking space is being subleased, an "Agreement to Sublease Parking Space" can be obtained from our office.

Subleasing Forms

Sample Sublease Document- Sample sublease agreement that we fill out in the office.

Sublease Authorization Form- The sublessors need to have this authorization form signed by all roommates authorizing them to sublease to whomever.

Authorization to Designate a Signing Representative- If you are subleasing and can not be present at the time of signing you will need to designate someone to sign on your behalf.

Parking Sublease Form-  You can print this form out, have both parties fill out and sign before turning it in.  Sublessee will need a photocopy of signed parking agreement and original parking lease to have the authority to tow. 

ACH Form - Final Withdrawal & Cancel Withdrawal (PDF)- Use the ACH form to request the final withdrawal and cancellation of automatic withdrawals that you previously set up through JSM.