Current residents may sublease their apartments to another person by signing a sublease agreement through JSM.  A sublease contract is an agreement between the original resident (sublessor) and the new resident (sublessee). The original resident will still be ultimately responsible to JSM for the lease obligations should the sublessee not fulfill his/her sublease obligations. Fees for subleasing are $50 for each apartment sublease agreement. 

Find a Sublessee

JSM residents are responsible for finding their own sublessees.  If you are looking for a sublessee you can place your information on JSM's online sublease referral list - Sublet Your Apartment Request Form. We also suggest you post a listing on Craigslist, Facebook or Reddit, and/or post flyers throughout campus.  

Use the sublease instructions below as a resource to complete your sublease.

Preparing for Your Sublease Agreement

  • We encourage both current residents and potential sublessees to review all detailed subleasing instructions and forms. This website contains forms required for signing the sublease agreement.  Any additional forms can be emailed to residents.
  • If you are the current resident, make sure your Sublessee(s) fill out an Online Leasing Application. Each Sublessee must fill out his or her own leasing application. Any sublessee not passing the credit application will not be allowed to sign.
  • Sublessee(s) will need to provide a valid photo ID to the JSM office. Acceptable forms of ID include a US Driver’s License, State ID, or Passport. School IDs are not acceptable forms of ID. 
  • Prior to signing your sublease agreement, the two parties should determine sublease terms. These terms include rent rates, move-in and move-out dates, and security deposit. JSM strongly suggests that current residents take a security deposit of at least $200 per sublessee.
  • Once the terms have been decided, the current resident(s) must submit these terms to the JSM office by filling out the online Sublease Information Form . All information on this form is required to complete a sublease agreement. After submitting the form, residents and sublessees will be emailed by a JSM leasing agent within one week of the form being submitted. Residents may also email for information.
  • If this is a multi-roommate apartment, residents of the apartment will need to complete the Sublease Authorization Form. With this form, those not subleasing indicate which roommates may sublease and to whom. A JSM leasing agent will email this authorization form after the Sublease Information Form has been submitted to the office.
  • Make sure your apartment’s account balance is up-to-date. Current residents must pay any outstanding account balance in full before the sublease agreement will be signed.
  • A subleasing fee of $50 must be paid. This is a onetime payment due for each sublease agreement.
  • If a parking spot is also being subleased, an Agreement to Sublease Parking Space is to be completed by the original space owner and the person to whom the space is being sublet. Copies of the original parking lease may be requested by emailing

Summer Subleasing

  • Summer sublessee(s) as well as the original tenants will need to pay their entire summer rent (May, June and July) to JSM at the time of the signing. Payments can be made with personal check, cashier’s check, money order or online credit or debit card.
  • If any original tenant has automatic withdrawal for rent, he/she must fill out a ACH Final Withdrawal & Cancellation form for the final payment. This form must be submitted to JSM a minimum of two weeks before the next schedule automatic withdrawal.  If one is not submitted to the office, the original amount will continue to be deducted.  

After Signing Your Sublease

  • Have both parties read the Post-Sublease Checklist. This document contains important reminders for transferring over the apartment and utility services.
  • Both parties need to ensure that automatic payments are correct for the duration of the sublease. If a resident has automatic withdrawal they must contact JSM to adjust or cancel payments. If payments are made online through the JSM website residents will need to log into their Zego (Powered by Paylease) account to adjust or cancel payments.
  • Complete a pre-sublease inspection. JSM advises residents and Sublessee(s) to walk through the apartment and record the condition of the unit prior to the Sublease starting. This information can assist both parties at the end of a sublease should cleaning or maintenance fees be charged. You may request a Sublease Check-In Sheet by emailing
  • Original tenants should make sure to update their mailing address with the JSM office should their sublease extend to the end of their apartment lease.


Be aware of internet scams! If you receive a personal check from someone, make sure the check clears the bank before signing a document or sending money.  Please see this site for examples of internet scams, and report suspicious activity to the Champaign or Urbana police department,