12 Equal Installments

For your convenience, JSM rent is paid in 12 equal installments.  The following information applies to the rent schedule in most JSM leases.  Please contact us at 217-359-6108 or jsm@jsmliving.com if we can assist further!  

When you sign a JSM lease you contract to pay a total amount of money, and you get your apartment between certain dates.  

Leases rarely cover exactly 52 weeks.  However, your payment is the same every month.

The amount of rent you will pay for the entire lease term is divided into 12 equal installments.

Your monthly rent amount due is 1/12 of the total rent due for the entire length of the lease.

The first rent installment is due on August 1.  The final installment is due July 1.  

You may pay rent ahead of schedule, but not behind schedule.  

Most apartments have monthly utility and service fees which are paid monthly with your rent.  Due to differences in the buildings, it varies from building to building what the utility and service fee covers.  Please see your lease or contact us if you need help understanding what utilities and services covered in your monthly fee.

Thank you for leasing with JSM!  We welcome your inquiries at 217-359-6108 or jsm@jsmvliving.com.

Your lease may vary, please contact JSM if you need information specific to your lease.