Vacating Early

Vacating your apartment before the end of your lease?  Follow these procedures to turn your apartment over for cleaning and processing, so we can process and return your security deposit early.  Please note your lease remains in effect and you still owe the total amount of rent as described in your lease.

Your Account:
Pay all remaining rent, including rent payments due in June and July.  All balances for the account must be paid, by all roommates.  Vacating your apartment early does not change your lease.  All rent payments must be paid in full.

Clean the entire apartment thoroughly.  Per your lease, costs to clean the apartment, remove trash and repair damages may be charged against your security deposit. 

If you are in a building where you pay for your own electricity, leave electricity on until one week after you vacate the apartment.  Turn off all circuit breakers in your breaker box.  If you don’t, the power company may not turn off your power and your account may remain active.  Once breakers are off, leave refrigerator and freezer doors open.

If you pay for your own water service, contact Illinois American Water Company to schedule your water to be turned off one week after you plan to vacate your apartment.  If you have cable television or other services, have your service terminated.

Security Deposit:
Complete a Security Deposit Address Change Form if the address where we’ll send your security deposit refund is not the address you provided to JSM on your lease.

Get Key Return Envelope(s) from the JSM leasing office.  Place all apartment keys and fobs inside one envelope and place garage remotes (one per envelope) in another envelope.  Label each envelope with the apartment address and unit number or with the garage address and space number and return the envelopes to our office.  You may use the key drop boxes, but you must put all keys and remotes in labeled envelopes.  Do not return keys and remotes by mail.  If, for any reason, we do not receive all of the keys in our office by the expiration of the lease, locks will be changed and charges will be applied to your account. 


Call JSM at 217-359-6108 with any questions.  Thank you for living with JSM.  Congratulations to all new graduates!