Hot Water

If you do not have hot water, be sure the circuit breaker for the water heater is switched to the “ON” position before submitting a maintenance request. To reset a circuit breaker, first switch it to the “OFF” position and then switch to the “ON” position.

Residents in 508 E. Healey (Green Balcs) apartments and 508 E. John (Johnstowne) apartments:  If a GFI electrical outlet in your bathroom needs to be reset, you may have lost power to your water heater.  If you do not have hot water, please check all electrical outlets in the bathroom(s).  Press the reset button on all GFI outlets to ensure electricity is getting to your water heater.

Request Maintenance

Please use our online request form for all general requests.


Call us immediately if:

  • Water is leaking on to your floor from broken pipes or blocked drains.
  • Water is entering through the roof or windows.
  • Anything that will cause damage to the property if not immediately attended to.