Living Guide

The Apartment Living Guide contains valuable information about your apartment as well as JSM’s leasing policies.  Please read through all the information provided. 

When moving in, please also remember to submit your move in condition report for our records within 72 hours. This is a very important document used by JSM when assessing the security deposit. 

Important Move In Reminders:

  1. Please report any additional cleaning requests within 24 hours after move-in date to the JSM office. 
  2. Direct link to submit your own maintenance request:
  3. 24 hour JSM Emergency Maintenance phone number: 217-359-6108
  4. If you have no power when moving in to your apartment please visit the circuit breaker section of the apartment living guide and make sure all your circuit breakers are on.
  5. Renters insurance is highly suggested.  In the event something happens to the building, JSM does not cover any damage or loss to personal property.
  6. Please submit your move in condition report within 72 hours of moving in.  Please remember if you need maintenance, submit an online maintenance request here for those items. 
  7. Remember to visit the JSM VIP page & JSM Fitness Center page to get more information!

Important Documents

Fire Emergency Guide

 Important Phone Numbers

Unofficial St. Patrick's Day Safety Information

 Security Deposit Address Change Form

 Renter's Insurance