Renewals occur when one or more of the current residents of an apartment sign the lease for the same unit for the following year. Residents understand that between the two lease periods, JSM will not assess the apartment for damages nor clean the apartment. JSM will inform our current residents of the new rent rates as early as move-in day so that residents can begin renewal discussions as soon as possible.

Renewal Procedure

Current residents wanting to renew for the following year must call the JSM office to request that a renewal lease be mailed to the apartment address. Current residents must inform JSM of all names of people who will be signing the renewal lease. The minimum number of people required to sign the lease is four for a 5-bedroom, three for a 4-bedroom, two for a 3-bedroom and one for a 2-bedroom.

Prospective residents who are not currently JSM residents must submit an online credit application before requesting a mailed renewal lease.

Renewing residents can begin calling to request the mailed renewal lease on the start date of their current lease, but must submit their request no later than the deadline provided. Upon receipt, residents will be required to sign the lease and any accompanying paperwork, include check(s) for the balance of the security deposit and hand-deliver the paperwork to the JSM office by the deadline specified in the cover letter accompanying the mailed lease. If time permits, residents will be given a copy of the signed lease. If not, JSM will mail the lease copy to the apartment.