Apartment and Parking Leasing Definitions and Procedures

If you are interested in leasing an apartment, please join our email list or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates regarding our upcoming leasing calendar and procedures.

Viewing Appointments

In order to view an apartment, prospective residents need to schedule an appointment by calling our office. JSM shows apartments starting at 10:00 am Monday through Friday, and starting at noon on Saturday. Though we gladly accept walk-in appointments, our schedule may not always be able to accommodate them. We recommend calling a few days in advance of your desired appointment time.

Please meet at our office promptly at your appointed time.

If you are driving to our office, please use our parking lot located behind our office building. If the weather is nice and the buildings are close by, we may opt to walk you to the building. Otherwise, we will drive you to your desired locations in one of our company vehicles.

Lease Applications

No action will be taken after completing a lease application. Please call us to schedule an appointment!

All prospective residents must submit an online application to JSM prior to calling the JSM office (217-359-6108) to schedule a lease signing appointment. Please complete an application using our Online Leasing Application.

Lease Signing Appointments

After all roommates have submitted their applications, please have one roommate call the JSM office  to schedule a lease signing appointment. Appointments are scheduled based on availability during office hours.

For all lease signing appointments, JSM suggests that all prospective residents attend. If scheduling difficulties arise, JSM will allow only one person in the group to be added onto the lease and sign at a later date. The minimum number of people required to sign the lease is four for a 5- bedroom, three for a 4-bedroom, two for a 3-bedroom and one for a 2-bedroom.

Prospective residents are encouraged to review the sample lease found on our website, and come to the lease signing appointment prepared with any questions they may have. At the appointment, prospective residents will pay the security deposit, sign the lease and receive a copy of the lease for their records. A state issued, photo ID card or passport is required. A security deposit is the damage deposit paid to JSM at the signing of the lease agreement. The amount of the security deposit equals the monthly rent amount, but is not to be used for rent payment. Instead, the deposit is returned to the lessees within 30 days after the lease expires less any deductions for new damages, carpet cleaning, necessary cleaning or painting and account balances

At a viewing and lease signing appointment, prospective residents will schedule a viewing appointment in conjunction with a lease signing appointment. After viewing two or three available units in the desired building, prospective residents will return to the office to sign for their selected unit. At a standard lease signing appointment, prospective residents will select from a map of available units and then sign the lease.

Leasing Applications

You can submit a rental application by completing the form below.  Please allow one business day for the application to be processed.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to sign a lease, please call the JSM Office.


Online Leasing Application Form