• JSM Passdown Program

    September 26, 2017

    Live in one of the most popular buildings on Campus! The JSM Passdown Program allows you to sign for an apartment before anyone else at the most wanted locations on UIUC Campus! Sign a lease at GST, Green Balcs, Johnstowne, 902 Lincoln, 1103 Euclid, 306 or 308 Armory before open leasing! Do you know someone living in those buildings? Ask them to passdown their unit! These apartments lease quickly, so do not miss your chance to sign early! The Passdown deadline is September, 26th! 


    Passdown Process

    1. Passdown recipients are required to fill out our Online Leasing Application (JSM current residents do not need to submit another application)

    2. JSM Residents are required to submit a passdown form, which can be found here

    3. Passdown recipients should call the JSM office at 217-359-6108 to schedule a lease signing appointment

    4. The passdown recipients get to sign the lease before open leasing!



    Contact us today at 217-359-6108 or jsm@jsmliving.com

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